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Works in Progress


w/ Jon Aveyard

In December 2016, Jon Aveyard and I arranged a performance of Terry Riley's In C in the Harris Museum, Preston.  During the performance, I acted as the pulse, playing xylophone.  As the piece came to a close, the pulse was the final instrument.  Throughout the performance, became fascinated by the space I was in but particularly listening to the last beat of C, ring out throughout the building.

The Harris, finished in 1893, has a 4 story interior with an atrium running through all floors.  Sonically, the space is reverberant and reflective however there is a stillness to the gallery where chinks of teapots from the ground floor cafe travel distance to the balcony on the buildings 4th story.

Working with Jon, we began to compose cells, wondering what frequencies would resonate in the space.  Initial ideas were solely based upon the Harris as an acoustic space however our experimental miniatures developed the work to be an examination of composition for elevated performers.


Still in development, our piece composed for the Harris' unique interior will be performed in April 2019. 

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