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2018 / Sound Installation

w/ Alex Devol

Ekhe is a durational sound and sculptural installation by Joshua Horsley and Alexander de Vol that investigates and posits the musicality of sound, form, and material when subject to a durational intervention.  The work forms part of Horsley’s research, which explores dialogues between Music and Sonic Art.

Ekhe presented a number of artistic challenges related to the individual and triangulated allowances of durational music composition, acoustic design (both of the sonorous vessel and the spatial context of the gallery space), and micro-computer programming.  Overcoming these challenges, Ekhe presents a resonant and evolving 6-hour rhythmic pattern composed using the musical principles of polymeter and phasing.  Designed to sound on the threshold of audibility, the work engages its audience with a listening experience where the innate musical change of the resonating rhythmic tones discloses itself through subtle detail within a Sound Art context.  The work posits music from non-musical instruments and performance with Arduino micro-computers programmed to operate solenoid valves that strike cast forms of aluminium, bronze, glass and ceramic with each material and form resonating as a different pitch and timbre.  The result is a uniquely experiential installation that situates musicality within non-traditional contexts, bringing significant, new listening experiences that emphasise the situation of sound and music within a spatial, environmental context.

Ekhe was first installed in PR1 Gallery, Preston 18/12/18 - 21/1/19.

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