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Day Born

Day born is a notated score that discusses the multiplicity of sound plus music as we experience it through time and space. 


Day Born was notated using the subjective qualities of music and the Object measurements of mathematical physics found in scientific, dimensional analysis; specifically - Plank Time: the Object minimal time interval.  Object time measurement is given in two (2) intervals: inclusive and between absolute zero (0’0”) and Plank Time (0’5.39106(32) x 10-44”), and inclusive and between Plank Time (0’5.39106(32) x 10-44”) and the minutes and seconds within the Western, Objective measurement of a single day period (1440’59.1781”). 


All twelve (12) notes of the Western chromatic scale are shown as becoming simultaneously (thereby as a chord) within the first (1st) interval and remaining throughout until the end of the second (2nd) interval.  Within an Object spatial representation of time, the sound is unable to exist within the first (1st) interval (for example: SPN A4 represented as part of the chord, vibrates at a frequency of 440 Hertz, leaving insufficient time for SPN A4 to become) yet, as music, it is brought into existence within subjective consciousness; time as a subjective quality heterogeneous from Object space.

Day Born has been exhibited as part of Martin A. Smith's NOISE and Whispers at GV Art London, and Janet Oates' Closet Music: Imagined Soundworlds at the Proud Archivist.

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