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My work investigates music's temporality.  I'm interested in how we can engage with spaces and objects through music, sound, and listening.  I teach composition and production at the University of Central Lancashire.


Josh’s primary creative and academic outputs concern the investigation of temporality within music. His work focuses upon how music and sound rearticulate spaces and objects as temporal experiences, facilitating more sustained engagement and thought upon the spaces in question.  Space, articulated as place by virtue of music.


Josh lectures composition, production, and studio practice at UCLan on the BA (Hons) Music, BA (Hons) Music Production and MA Music courses.  

Recent public work:

2019 Harris Museum, UK - Performance ‘Four Stories’

2019 PR1 Gallery - Installation ‘Ekhe’

2018 Thesis: Music as Pure Duration

2018 Casablanca Biennale, Morocco - Installation ‘Bosphorus’

2018 Harris Museum, UK - Installation ‘Before Sound’

2017 TIES, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Canada - Performance ‘Bosphrous’

2017 MuSA, Hochschule für Musik, Karlshuhe, Germany - Performance ‘Bosphrous’


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